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Web Based Document Management System

Takes care of document storage , indexing , search , document flow, document access rights.



Client Server Based  Digitizer

Takes care of Bulk scanning to convert Bulk Paper Records to Computerized Records.

A.)   Web based Module Information

User, Roles & Security:

This module will help us in creating user for this system. Admin can do the registration of user from HR department. Roles and privileges setting for accessing each modules of the system will be administrated in this section.

            Sub division of modules:

1.      Role Creation/Modification

2.      User Creation/Modification

3.      User Permission Settings

4.      Role Permission settings

5.      User hierarchy definition

Administration Module:

This module will help the administrator to create Department, Users, and Document Access Rights. Document Identifiers Creation department wise or project wise with access rights to users

Document Search:

Document Search facility based on user access rights and document identifiers.

Bulk document search and download.

Document Trail:

User wise document access and document wise user access


            Can be given as per the needs

Other reports for backend like User Wise Activity Report, User Log.


Bulk Upload

Email to the users if required.

B.)   Client Server based TSL Digitizer Modules

1.)    Parameterization

2.)    Scanning

3.)    Indexing

4.)    Quality Check

5.)    MIS

6.)    Image Optimization

C.)   Upload Tool