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VPN and Managed Network

MNS(Managed Network services) typically include voice/data integration services, VPN (Virtual Private Network) services, network management, performance management, guaranteed service levels, fault management, change management, configuration management, security (PKI, Firewalls), and application outsourcing


It provides the following benefits:

Helps maintain the internal staff's focus on core business processes.

Enables fixed cost budgeting.

Provides instant on-line access to network status, performance and outstanding issues.

Allows proactive, interactive and reactive focus on the network.

Provides extensive and proactive monitoring of key performance indicators.

Enables accurate capacity budgeting allowing future resource requirements.

Provides 24x7 coverage.

Expands scope from regional to global.

The enterprise IT environment of any modern company is subject to continual change, and its reliability and performance have a direct impact on the company's overall success and profitability. The trend toward network integration services will certainly sustain because enterprises need to match the pace of technology innovation to stay above in competition. And in such a case an MNS provider may be a very viable option.

Infrastructure Relocation

Taking your IT infrastructure from one site to another requires more than a simple removalist. You need an organisation that understands how to dismantle your system, transport it with care, prepare the new site, rebuild everthing and provide interim support.

TSL is specialist in IT Relocation service will transform a typically stressful, disruptive and time-consuming relocation into a professionally planned, trouble-free transition. We will ensure that your IT infrastructure, the backbone of your business, is up and running quickly to minimise disruption to your organisation.

Under our Relocation Service, you will receive:

A project manager who will design a new network and other infrastructure that accommodates your new office requirements.

TSL SI’s Pre-Move Infrastructure Disaster Protection 'Snapshot' Backup service, which ensures that your data is protected in the unlikely event it is corrupted or lost.

Additional temporary services and remote login capabilities for your staff so there’s minimal disruption to workflow during the relocation.

A team to prepare and install equipment at your new office

A Business IT Health Check once your network is installed and running smoothly