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IT System Migration

Technology is ever-evolving and TSL helps you to stay ahead of the competition but suggesting and implementing constant upgrades.

We carry out periodical analysis of the current infrastructure, its limitations and organisational objectives, both present and future, and provide the basis for an effective migration or upgrade strategy. In case relocating an office and an entire IT infrastructure can be very challenging and requires a considerable amount of planning and resource.

TSL is experienced in relocating and upgrading networks and will develop a complete plan to meet all of your relocation needs, enabling you to concentrate on the day-to-day operations of the organisation.

TSL helps you implement best-of-breed solutions by integrating them with your current legacy environment. There's no need to toss everything out. There's no need to develop yet another stand-alone system. In fact, we focus on how to best leverage what you already have and only suggest the new solutions necessary to efficiently meet your goals.

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