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Network Installation and Support

TSL offers all possible networking services including Network Design, Network Analysis & Troubleshooting, VPN, IT Data & Voice Cabling, Wireless Networks, Routing, Switching, LAN/WAN, VoIP connectivity, etc to name some of the networking functionalities.

We undertake project management, under which we setup a new organisation entire IT infrastructure, an existing organisation’s upgradation; revamping of an obsolete network setup to new and cost effective setup; CCTV setup; etc.

TSL understands the importance of a flawless implementation and uses solid project management methodology to ensure a reduction in project timelines, revisits and costs for our customers. Project management consultancy is easily adaptable to suit the complexity of the project and the existing skill set available within the organisation.

Project management and planning is results driven and sets out defined areas of responsibility and accountability, whilst promoting clear and concise communication channels across all groups involved.

We Offer

  • Systems Study & Analysis
  • Structured project planning and design
  • Progress and quality reviews
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Change control guidelines to meet changing business objectives
  • Maintenance and development strategy

IT Compliance & Network Security

To get the greatest business benefit out of the internet users need desktop access. However, personal web browsing and web-based email needs to be managed so as not to compromise the organization in any way.

To this end, web access control is more than just blocking web addresses and protecting from web-borne viruses. It is necessary to administer access rights at user level.

Access can be allowed, denied or limited by time-based quota according to policies applied to users, workgroups, computer or the entire network. Policies may be set for web address, specific file types and are often associated with a database of inappropriate websites such as gambling, chat sites and sites with pornographic content TSL sets up the IT policy of your organisation and helps you make the most of your resources without it being used for non-productive and harmful ends.

We believe in providing total IT security and towards this end, have successfully implemented webmail security solutions, internal network security solutions (Firewall), Security against data channels within WAN networks (Virtual private network), and internet security solutions (Anti-virus software).

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