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Product Support Services

Organizations the world over are facing business challenges related to high customer churn, rapidly changing technology, rising customer expectations, and the high cost of operations. The exponential demand for Internet-based devices and sophisticated products are making it challenging for companies to manage these devices. Given this scenario, companies are focusing on improving and innovating their support processes for customer acquisition, service, and retention.

Our Services

Product support services are delivered cohesively, leveraging multiple channels such as voice, e-mail, chat, and web-based support, across industries, covering the entire product life cycle on a “round the clock” model. Building customer loyalty by swiftly troubleshooting and resolving problems is the key to our differentiated services.

Our product support services include:

Customer Support Services

  • Customer Help Desk
  • Order Management
  • Complaint Handling and Dispute Resolution

Consumer Hardware / Product Support Services

  • Installation/Configuration Support
  • Product Registration/Activation
  • Troubleshooting

Technical Support Services

  • L0,L1 & L2 Technical support services
  • Warranty Management
  • Remote technical support for multiple devices and platforms

IT & Software Support Services

  • App support services
  • System and Account management services

What can you Expect

  • Multi-level product support coupled with remote support technology platforms to service advanced products such as connected smart devices
  • Lean approach/standardized industry best practices and compliances to increase first-time resolution and reduce waste
  • Managing operations as a coherent system through an integrated business management system